image002Rev. Hicks was certified as a professional Astrologer in 1980 by the city Atlanta and in 1985 was appointed chairperson for the Board of Astrological Examiners. In 1984 she received her certification from the World Congress for Professional Hypnotists Georgia Chapter. From 1987-1997 she received her training in mediumship and full ordination from Camp Chesterfield in Indiana which is the second oldest Spiritualist seminary school in the U.S. founded in 1886. In 1997 she also trained in physical mediumship at the Arthur Finlay College in Stansted, England.


Rev. Hicks has appeared in numerous publications, radio and television stations throughout the US and Canada. Her first publication was in 1985 in the Southline Newspaper in“Shopping for Psychics” where she describes a move for the reporter in his session. He had not planned on a move, however by the time the article was published the next month he found out he had to move. In 1986, she received a phone call about exorcism over the phone. She told the lady what she saw in her home and how to deal with the spirit. Later she received numerous calls about her article that she had no idea was in print. “The Fine Art of Exorcism” in the Georgia State Signal Newspaper in July of 1986.  Rev. Hicks was interviewed by the reporter and accurately described her home over the phone she did not know that all the other psychics in Atlanta where interviewed al well. She was the only one to give out information without a fee and was the most helpful. From September of 1988-1989 she hosted along with Candace Petersen her own radio show called: “Psychic Sez” on WDUN AM Radio in Gainesville, Georgia two hours every week giving psychic readings live on air. She was featured in The Times Newspaper in Gainesville, Georgia on December 10, 1988 in Psychic Health. In 1989 she appeared in The Gainesville Gazette as the new columnist for The Metaphysical Minute. She was also featured in  Where Magazine for “Tea and Destiny” hosted by The Regency Suites Hotel as the first High Tea Readings in Atlanta where Rev. Hicks was the weekly psychic for the event held during the summer of 1989. In 1989 she also aided the GBI in locating Julie Love’s body that had been missing for one year by giving the location and time frame in which they would find her body. One week later her body was found in the exact location. In early 1990 she appeared on more than 100 radio stations throughout the US giving live psychic readings on various talk shows. In June of 1990 she was on News Center 555 in Mobile, Alabama  and appeared in the Mobile Press Register  in “Psychic Astrologer Helps People Choose Their Own Reality”. In August she was invited to be the keynote speaker for The American Business Women’s Trade Show in Waukegan, Illinois and appeared in The Waukegan Sun Times. By the fall of 1990 she attended the first Psychic Fair in Sydney Nova Scotia where she appeared in The Cape Breton Post on September 27, 1990 in “Psychic Fair Organizer See Good Times in the Cards” and “The Halifax Chronicle Herald”. She was also on CBCJ AM Radio on the morning news show and Atlantic Television for the psychic fair in Sydney Nova Scotia. On October 8, 1992 she was on Breakfast Television in Halifax, Nova Scotia and predicted The Atlanta Braves would win the western division on live television on October 8, 1992 and they won the very next day. In October of 1992 she also appeared again in Where Magazine for her psychic work in Atlanta.. In 1992 she was also featured in Peach Buzz in The AJCunder Carnac Lives.  In 1993 she appeared in The Gwinnet Daily News in “Psychics” and Southern Flair Magazine for accurately forecasting to Doris Lee that she would one day have a full color magazine four years before its inception. She became a writer for the publication for the next ten years. In February of 1994 she founded The Atlanta Spiritualist Association, Church holding weekly services in Atlanta for the next eight years.

In 1994, she aided radio announcer, Barry MacKinnon of CBCJ Radio station in Sydney, Nova Scotia when a drive by shooting at the local Mac Donald’s occurred. Barry stated: “Four teenagers where shot in the head for $250.” “What can you tell us about the killer?” Charlene replied over the phone: “One teenager is still alive; she has blonde hair pulled back in a pony tail.” She is nineteen and will survive. “She will be in a coma for three months and will live to describe the killer.” “She maybe in a wheelchair the rest of her life but is not dead.” Two hours later Barry called back to report than there indeed was one teenager who was still alive. She had blonde hair in a pony tail and was rushed to the hospital. The shot to her head did permanent damage and she was in a coma for three months but came to and later was able to identify the killer. To this day she is alive but unfortunately remains a paraplegic.


From 1997-2001 Reverend Hicks traveled for Southern Flair as a travel writer and spent time working throughout the state of Michigan, California and Oregon.

She was a regular on Nate and April’s morning show on 106.5 FM Radio in Adrian, Michigan. She was also a regular when in town on Jamie McKibbin known as (Big Dog) on K105.3FMRadio morning show in Jackson, Michigan giving psychic readings on air. During 1998 and 1999 she was featured in The Jackson Citizen Patriot Newspaper and The Hillsdale Newspaper.  In August of 2001 she traveled west to California and Oregon presenting “Messages from Spirit” in San Francisco and Gold Beach Oregon. She was featured in The Curry County Reporter in Gold Beach, Oregon and The Curry Coastal Pilot in Brookings, Oregon for her lecture presentation at Soakers coffee shop. She was also in The Bandon World News for her lecture presentation at The Heal Center in Bandon Oregon. When she returned home to Atlanta in the fall  of  2001 Rev. Hicks was given the title of “The Psychic of Dunwoody” for her accurate description of the former residents of the seventh most haunted house in Georgia in “The Ghosts of Dunwoody” Points North Magazine in October of 2001.

In 2002 she traveled to Onsted Massachusetts to deliver a sermon and was featured in The Standard Times Newspaper in October 2002.



Rev. Hicks is known as “The Psychic of Dunwoody” for her accurate description of the former residents of the seventh most haunted house in Georgia in “The Ghosts of Dunwoody” Points North Magazine in October of 2001.

Her biggest presentation came in 2004 thanks to Barry MacKinnon her Canadian manager as a headliner at the Savoy Theatre in Glace Bay, Nova Scotia presenting “Messages from Spirit” to an audience of 350 on March 21, 2004.  From that time forward she has appeared on 98.9FX-102.5 Radio in Antigonish, Nova Scotia on “Breakfast with Barry”, “The Bert Show” All the Hits Q100FM in Atlanta, WJR News/Talk Radio in Detroit, Michigan as a featured guest on The Mitch Albom Show live which is heard nationwide and into seven Canadian provinces. She has been regular on WPLR 99.1FM Radio in Milford, Connecticut on the morning show with Chaz and AJ, since January 2005 and  featured in The New Haven Register in March 2005. Also in 2005 and 2006 she was a regular guest on WAKR AM News/Talk Radio in Akron, Ohio the morning show with Ray Horner.


Her first co-authored book was released in March of 2005 with Doctor Wayne Dyer and Deepak Choprah entitled: “Wake up and Live the Life you Love” fourth edition “Finding Personal Freedom”.  In May of 2005 she was given the highest rating among Mediums in Atlanta at 90% by Atlanta Magazine. She premiered on the cover of Russiantown Magazine in October of 2005 the only regional Russian magazine covering the south.  In February of 2006 she received a phone call while in Capetown, South Africa while on tour from The Atlanta Journal and Constitution Newspaper about for her paranormal investigative work on the Donaldson Home in Dunwoody. They wanted to know more about her work for the article entitled:DeKalb Buys House in Ghostly Condition”. The home was purchased by DeKalb County as a historic landmark and will be made into a national museum of the most haunted kind. She has also worked on various missing and murder cases on the years and has been successful in locating those who have gone missing and the describing the killers as well.


On March 3, 2007 Rev. Hicks was featured in “Psychic to Deliver Sermon” about her sermon at Unity Church in the Tuscaloosa Newspaper. On June 1, 2007 she written up in theMontgomery Advertiser in “Psychic Claims to Have Helped Solve Cold Cases”. In 2009 she was contacted by A&E’s Psychic Investigators about her work in locating Julie Loves body with the GBI in the summer of 1989. In 2004 with The Stockbridge Fire Department she helped located a man’s body in Lake Spivey when seven divers looking for fourteen days could not. .In October 2010 she described Gerardo Hernandez the killer of 61-year-old Maria Gloria Galvan De Rivera to her grand-daughter in a trance session two days after her death and confirmed that he would be caught very soon. She described the details of how she was killed and later was confirmed in the autopsy. She also described what he looked like and his age and that he would be caught very soon. From the date of the reading he was apprehended within four weeks.


She has appeared on Fox Files News five times since March 2011 for her predictions. She is a monthly columnist for The Hub Newspaper covering Johns Creek and Alpharetta withAstrological Aspects.  Currently, Rev. Hicks is working on her latest book called: “Growing up Psychic in the South”.

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Reverend Hicks has been a columnist for:

Atlanta Women’s Newspaper 1986

Gainesville Gazette Weekly Newspaper Gainesville, Georgia

January-June 1989

Georgia Business Forum June 1989

Columnist for Southern Flair Magazine 1993-2003

Practicing professionally for more than 35 years, Rev. Hicks wishes for you to receive your best and highest good at all levels. A love for travel and adventure, highlights of her career include:

Youngest Astrologer to be certified Professional by the city of Atlanta

at age 20 in 1980.


In 1982-83 Co-hosted with Rev. Virginia Southern a television show called: “Pathways” with Astrological Forecasts


Taught the first accredited course in Astrology at Columbus College

in 1983 in Columbus, Georgia.


First Astrologer to be asked to join Zonta International ( a world–wide service organization) in 1986 since its inception in 1919 located in sixty-three countries around the world. Each member must be in the top one percent of their profession and is by invitation only. Rev. Hicks the Vice-president of the Atlanta chapter in 1990.


Worked for the first national psychic phone company called “Continental” in 1992.


Promoted the first pre-paid psychic calling card in the nation for Precom

at the Intel International Convention in Miami, Florida in 1999.



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