Psychics are not just for Halloween anymore!


Find out why thousands have hired Rev. Hicks to draw in a crowd at their booth or help warm-up a crowd with her lively presentation of “Flame Messages”

Would you like to raise the bar on entertainment?

Then give your clients what they want to know most. About themselves of course! So why not have a different kind of lecture presentation. One that will reach out to everyone with “Messages from Spirit” or “Why is Your Birthday the Most Important Day of the Year?”


Rev. Hicks knows how to real them in at any event so find out for yourself by having her demonstrate “Flame Messages” and Stand-up Clairvoyance before a live audience. Or for individual readings: Psychic, Tarot, Astrological, Flame or Billet at your next event.                                         


What are Flame Messages? A piece of paper is held over an open flame from a candle and precipitates a smoke image that is interpreted by the medium for the individual receiving the clairvoyant message. These presentations a given throughout various spiritualist churches in the U.S. As Rev. Hicks performs she has previously on her blank index cards drawing pictures and messages on each card before the flame process begins on the reverse side. She does not know who will receive these cards and they are upside down and picks them out randomly before the flame. It is amazing to see who gets each card and they are all different and those in attendance will verify how unique this process is. Spirit chooses the card for the individual as you will see when you come to an event.

What is a Billet Message? A billet is a “French” word meaning note. In spiritualism it is a note written with names of deceased on it and questions about your life and what you would like to know? The medium holds it and answers the questions through psychometry (soul measuring). The billet is folded and the medium holds it and answers the questions and calls out the names of the deceased and relays messages from the spirit world.

Rev. Charlene Hicks is available for personal readings, psychic parties, and entertainment for corporations, cruises, trade shows, spas, weddings, and clubs

Event locations include: Georgia Tech, Roanoke Metaphysical Chapel, Showtime, Steelcase, Inter-Continental Hotels, Bass Hotels, Crawford Company, American Cancer Society, Counsel for Battered Women, Saks Fifth Avenue, Pacific Rim, Hu’s Restaurant, GE, The Weber Center in Sienna Heights, Michigan, Arlington Metaphysical Chapel, Anahata in Naples, Florida, Unity Church in Montgomery, Alabama, Pyramid Club, The Heal Center in Bandon, Oregon, The Ritz Carlton in Buckhead, Power 99 Radio Station, Poison, Perfume, Post Apartment Homes, Gable Apartments,3655 Corporation and The Buckhead  and  191 Club, Saint Ives Country Club, Country Club of the South and The Atlanta Athletic Club