With the ever changing world economy, businesses and individuals have turned to Rev. Hicks to achieve a level of success that would have been missed otherwise.

Prices for sessions with Charlene Hicks by phone or in person are:

  • $65 for 15 Minutes (Clairvoyance)
  • $135 for a half hour (ClairvoyanceTarot, and Trance sessions)
  • $235 for an hour  (Trance , your Astrological Chart and Predictive Chart)
  • $175 an hour (Hypnosis )
  • $150 an hour (Healing)
  • $50 per person (S`eances)

Many sessions are available in person or over the phone.

Classes and Lectures are available worldwide. Please check the calendar or call to schedule an event.

Astrological, Clairvoyance, Tarot, Trance, Hypnosis, and Healing

Half hour sessions are ClairvoyanceTarot, and Trance sessions. During these sessions, messages relayed from the “spirit world” about your life and upcoming events as well as names and answers to questions that you have prepared for the session.

Hour sessions include Trance , your Astrological Chart and Predictive Chart. Be prepared with 10 to 15 questions written down and numbered before your session. Rev. Hicks will not need to be told the questions since her guides answer them in the order in which they are written. If your session is in person, Rev. Hicks my hold the folded paper with the questions in order to give you a more accurate reading. If you session is by phone, Rev. Hicks asks that you have the questions numbered and placed in front of you during the session.

For Natal Charts, Rev. Hicks will need your birthdate, time of birth, and location of birth (City, State, Country). A Natal Chart will inform Rev. Hicks of your slow and busiest months. In addition, your chart will reveal how you will make money as well as what you talents and abilities. You will be informed of your weak traits or Blind Spots and how to overcome these obstacles. You may also receive names of future clients. A Natal reading is the blueprint of your soul’s progression on Earth. Profession, relationships, travel, health, money, and co-workers are among the areas covered by aNatal Chart.

Hypnosis sessions include Past Life Regression, future, and motivational sessions are offered to help you tap into the unconscious and bring powerful information to the conscious mind.

Healing sessions are available in person and absentee for those requesting a session. By laying down with healing music while energies transfer healing for you own etheric tune-up.

S`eances are available in person or with travel. If you would like Rev. Hicks to attend an event, please call and schedule an appointment. Private sessions are available for yourself, friends, and/or family. Check out the calendar for upcoming events each month. One must pre-register for S`eance sessions.

Classes and Lectures are available worldwide. Please check the calendar or call to schedule an event.


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