15 April 2013,

Hi Charlene – I have been meaning to drop you a note for some time. I met you at the Rapallo evening in Estero Florida in March of this year. I am the “triplet” with the April 3rd Birthday. You asked me to let you know what transpired on that date.

I was very cognizant or your comments concerning my powerful week. I bought lottery tickets (no winners) every day of the preceding two weeks ‘just in case’ (hahaha). I also made a concise list of what I wanted to achieve.

On my Birthday, April 3rd, there was a knock on the door while I was getting dressed for an afternoon matinee performance of Mama Mia. It was a friend of our next door neighbor who had ‘heard’ our condo was for sale and wanted to view it.

I’ll make a long story short. We sold our condo which closed on May 23rd — cash deal; no realtors, including most of the furniture as a separate transaction. The rest of the furniture was purchased (for an unbelievable price) by a lady in Georgia who had seen pictures of our home on “For Sale by Owner” and was taken with the decorating style. She sent a moving company to pick it up and ship it to her and paid cash in advance.

My husband Lee (aka “Clint Eastwood”) got a job offer mid April and is now in Calgary, Alberta Canada preparing for a lucrative overseas contract. I’m in Vancouver, BC catching up on my medical, dental and other affairs so I can accompany him. The ‘very different’ place where we will be residing for 3 months (as of June 15) is Damascus, Syria. Upon completion we will probably return to Canada and set up a home … location as yet unknown.

Anyway, everything you ‘predicted’ unfolded in a stunning and magical way. I wanted you to know how empowering it was to have your information so I could harness the tremendous energy which was available to me at that time.

I hope you will find your dream home in Florida with loads of bougainvillea!

Best Regards,




I though I would tell you, that last night you told me to call my dad that there was something
wrong with his eyes.

So I did, this morning, and he told me that they had been real scratchy and dry but the biggest
problem was that his eyelids were drooping so much they had shut of half of his vision, and it
was getting hard driving and watching tv.  he is around 86… then he told me that actually
he had an appt monday at the VA hospital, as they were going to schedule him for an eyelid

Crazy, but you were right.

Thank you,


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