Would you like to receive a message from a loved one in spirit?

A session with Rev. Charlene Hicks inspires you and takes you out of the normal everyday life and gives you a view into your future. She opens your vision to the latent potential through the astrological aspects of your life found in your birth chart. Rev. Hicks confirms your potential and describes people you know in spirit and those who you have not met yet and how they will arrive in your life. She makes you realize areas of your life that you may have never considered possible to be possible and how to achieve it. 90% of her clients receive and achieve major positive changes within six weeks of their session.


Rev. Hicks is known for her forecasting skills. In 1986 she predicted the Democratic Convention would be held in Atlanta in 1988. In her monthly column for The Georgia Business Forum Newspaper in June of 1989 she predicted the Olympics for 1996 to be hosted by Atlanta. In her first television appearance on Fox News in Macon, Georgia on March 10, 2011 she predicted the tsunami to hit Japan hours before it happened. She also predicted on Fox in March 2011 that it would be one the hottest summer on record. Atlanta achieved ninety consecutive days of temperatures above ninety degrees in 2011. Washington D.C. had the hottest day in recorded history on July 22, 2011 at 109 degrees where she was serving the Arlington Metaphysical Chapel at that time. In her current monthly column for The Hub Newspaper called Astrological Aspects, in October of 2012 she predicted the flooding on the full moon which resulted from Hurricane Sandy. She also predicted in Astrological Aspects for The Hub Newspaper in April 2013 that there would be an explosion or a bomb set off due to Uranus and Mars conjuncting in Aries which would cause an international incident. The Boston Marathon occurred on April 15, 2013.


Reverend Charlene Hicks is an internationally known Certified Professional Astrologer, Trance Medium, Hypnotist and Healer, who for the past 35 years has entertained and helped thousands with her accurate and insightful readings. From the White House to forecasting for Fortune 500 companies Rev. Hicks has been traveling, lecturing and presenting stand-up clairvoyance to audiences throughout the U.S. and Canada. She has been heard live on more than 280 radio stations throughout the US and Canada and has published more than 168 articles. Currently President of Rising Phoenix Toastmasters of Dunwoody, Georgia.